1-2 years

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1 to 2 years kids healthy food recipes

Your little one turned one ..

Back from the B’day fun ??

Hearty Congratulations !!

1 to 2 years – a precious time to witness vast changes. To cope up with the hustle and bustle of the busy schedules of the toddler, dine him/her a variety of foods healthily packed with a variety of nutrients.

Do continue the inestimably precious, mother’s milk. In addition to that, tickle the tiny taste buds with your culinary art !

Caution! My Paediatrician advised to avoid “Honey” till she turns 2 as it might cause “Botulism” . So, Nilaa tasted the delicious drops of honey only at her age of 2 !

 Food for 1 to 2 years baby:

  • Include all foods introduced till 12th month too
  • Cow’s milk
  • Dried Figs
  • Dried Apricots
  • Multi-grains Porridge
  • Tamarind included recipes can be started gradually
  • Feed 1 or 2 spoons of whatever you eat.. Time to accommodate to family food 🙂

Cows Milk for babies

* Do not give cow’s milk to babies under 1 year.

* Always filter cow’s milk before boiling as it might have tiny hairs from cow’s nipples

* Boil the milk thoroughly. Do not switch off in the first bubble rising. Boil well until nicely bubbles.

* Reheated milk on the same day of boiling is ok. Avoid giving it on the next day.

* Do not get/store milk in plastic bottle/container.

* If you opt for packet cow’s milk, do get full fat milk for babies.


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  1. N. Chitra says:

    Nice writing about the grand parents. We dont get the opportunity to listen the stories

  2. Jessica says:

    10 Best Baby Foods For Your Little One.Here’s a list of tasty and healthy food options you can try. https://www.parentcircle.com/article/10-best-baby-foods-for-your-little-one/

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