10th Month

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10th Month Babies Food

Speech is silver ; Silence is gold ; If you were an ardent follower of this proverb, its high time for conversion. The little one(lo) more or less seems to be your copycat! Speak as much as you can .. Articulate with jovial gestures.. Though the kid might seem to be distracted, there will be a deep observation.

Introduce colorful and attractive card books. Read with them daily and be ready for the surprise of the lil finger to point you the pictures of your choice !

In turn, you surprise the lil tummy with yummy alternatives …

Food for 10th month baby:

  • Include all foods given till 9th month too
  • Whole boiled egg(including Yellow yolk)
  • Mutton
  • Goat liver
  • Sweet potato – quantity increased
  • Apple(uncooked)
  • Mango(uncooked)
  • Papaya(uncooked)
  • Curd – quantity increased
  • Chickoo(Sapotta)


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