11th Month

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Food for 11th Month Babies

The crawling beauty is now ready to stand with support ..

The babbles attract more cuddles 😉

I appreciate your deep concern to feed your baby well and so you are here to search for the choices of food .. It is my prerogative to insist on the “linguistic food” which is also equally important for the baby .. This linguistic food has a single recipe that requires no preparation time .. Its none other than “Motherese”(language that an adult(mom/dad/any) speaking to child imitating a child) ..

The more you talk and read to your baby, the more you feed the language. Not only to master the world of lexis, but also to inculcate the habit of expressing oneself out and so to kick off timidity ..

With the same enthu, prepare and serve more healthy portions as below..

Food for 11th month baby:

  • Chicken(Avoid broiler chicken injected with growth hormones)
  • All kind of beans/legumes
  • Raddish
  • Guava
  • Ridge gourd
  • Lady’s finger


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