12th Month

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12th Month Babies Diet

This month, probably most of the babies stand and walk on their own. No worries if your baby don’t show such a cue. He/She might be saving the energy for a Marathon sooner 😉 Get ready to join !

Pls don’t compare one child with another. Nilaa took an extra lazy month to land on her tummy when compared against the expected time to do so, but she spoke very quickly at 1.25 years. Every child is different. So, comparing apples with oranges is futile. Supply the required sunlight(knowledge) and water(healthy food) .. and wait to witness the flourishing production.. Let them grow and act naturally !

The tiny tot would now be burning extra calories by indulging in extra chores .. So, fuel up with extra nutrients ..

Food for 12th month baby:

  • Include all foods given till 11th month too Healthy Millets for Babies and kids
  • Sweet corn
  • Cucumber
  • Paneer
  • Whole grains including millets
  • Little millet – Saamai
  • Kodo millet – Varagu
  • Barnyard Millet – Kudhirai vaali
  • Pearl Millet – Kambu


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