4-6 Months

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Food for 4 to 6 Months Babies

Are you back from baby blues?

Welcome to the world of hues!

You could relish the ravishing responses from now on …

High time to turn and rest on the lil tummy !

Sighting the strive to do so will be funny !

Few months back, the umbilical cord that passes the food to baby was cut. But still your body prepares the food for the baby .. Just the transmission medium is changed from cord to nipple .. When your body performs the ascribed job correctly, why does your mind search for alternatives ?

It is strongly recommended to exclusively breastfeed for first 6 months of the baby. Unfortunately, due to any medical/personal conditions, if you want to wean after 3 months of the baby, please do converse with your Paediatrician and if agreed, then here are some suggestions to start weaning for 4 to 6 months baby.

Continue breastfeeding/substitute formula as other milk is not advisable till she/he turns one.

First start with the liquid foods for 2-3 weeks and then move gradually to other(puree) options.. When introducing new food to a baby, introduce only one new food in a day and let there be atleast 2 days gap in introducing next new food. Let the 2 days go with already introduced foods. If at all you see any odd/allergic behavior like vomiting/rashes/motion problems , let your Paediatrician take the call, immediately.

Flavoured Extracts/Liquids:

First Fruit & Veg purees:

  • Banana smash
  • Carrot puree

Other gradual options:

N.B. : All food items mentioned above have to be cooked except banana and avocado.


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