9th Month

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Food for 9th month babies

Babies give us a pleasing pleasure , oblivious of anything that despairs.. Glad for the glee 😉

Unmindful of any excitement(either joy or sorrow), do keep an eye on your baby always. After all, the innocent buddy is ignorant of any hazards..

  • Conceal the sharp corners
  • Mask the plug holes
  • Block the stairs
  • Remove any tiny objects from vision that could be swollen
  • Strictly avoid sticker bindhi as it might find its way to eyes or mouth !
  • Hide any hot items like iron-box, stove, hot water, utensils,..
  • Avoid taking the baby to more-crowded places at least till 1 year of age to avoid any infections.

Happy and safe parenting !

Day by day, there is a change .. Lo does something new everyday .. The little brain is flourishing and witnessing the same is goose bouncing .. Lets feed healthily to witness more and more !

Food for 9th month baby:

  • Include all foods given till 8th month too
  • Egg – White only
  • Fish
  • Cauliflower
  • Butter
  • Cottage Cheese(Paneer)
  • All types of greens(keerai vagaigal)
  • Whole ragi kanji (Finger millet porridge)
  • Gradually, add chillie and spices to the diet


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