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Shyamala SathiyaseelanI am S.P. Shyamala Devi, the author of this blog. Born in Paramakudi, brought up in Madurai, worked in Bangalore, living in Coimbatore. I was a working mom(an IBMer) managing to spend quality time with my kid Nilaani. I started this blog as a weekend refresher. As Nilaa demanded more of my time, I have quit my job and devoted my time to Nilaa and this blog. I love to write and I exploit this blog to rejoice my penning 🙂 Photography is my new crush! I am also a freelance trainer in soft skills especially for kids !

I owe a lot to my mom Devaki, who as a single parent brought me up along with my 2 brothers (Dr.Maharajan, a Nephrologist and Deepak, a Software Consultant in US). My dad’s blessing is always with us from above !

I am gifted with a very lovely and friendly hubby, Sathiyaseelan, a Software Engineer by profession but an innate Sportsman. Not to flatter/boast, but he is an enviable human! He always offers his hand when I succeed and his shoulder when I linger!

My MIL and FIL needed a special mention here as without their support I wouldn’t have worked peacefully leaving my kid in their safe hands ! Also, for starting this space, my MIL’s encouragement was an added boost !

From the day we planned for baby, I started browsing for do’s and dont’s and followed them strictly. Got many ancestral tips from my grannies. I started growing organic veggies and greens for my baby. I pestled my Paediatrician with n number of queries before starting any food for her. Many of my friends used to call me for tips about pregnancy foods, baby care & recipes and that lead to the thought of this blog and so I am here …


About my healthy kiddo …



She is Nilaani .. “Nilaa” meaning Moon and “ni” to denote the feminine gender.

Nilaa brightened my life with her cute and innocent smile 🙂

I personally adore her brilliance and sharpness in observing and delivering skills ..Touchwood !



My mom…

Devaki N AmmaWhen Nilaa accidentally gives me a blow with her head, my hand involuntarily runs to rub her head to soothe, before eventually rubbing mine .. What happened to my reflex ??!!

Before delivery, when I fell asleep, even thunders fail disturbing my sleep. But now, a subtle sulk of Nilaa makes me spring up to check her comfort. What a drastic change! Is this the so-called “Motherhood” ??!!

Now, I realize how much am I indebted to my mom..

I dedicate this blog to my mom and Nilaa, who made me a mom 🙂

About this space myhealthykiddo …

A healthy adult should have had a healthy childhood…

A child’s health is just not built by feeding or weaning well after birth, but it starts from the production of good-quality sperm and ovum that fuses to form a healthy zygote.

Health of Dad-to-be and Mom-to-be before conception directly affects the health of the unborn(yet-to-be-conceived). And obviously, health of pregnant ladies and lactating moms play a vital role.

Health of a child is chiselled from conception till teen ages. Then he/she enters into the next phase of life as a healthy adult!

In this space, I am trying to cover the diet/nutritions required for dads-to-be, moms-to-be, pregnant ladies, feeding moms, weaning babies, toddlers and  to be continued for pre-schoolers , school-going kids and teenagers ! Desiring to grow this site along with the growth of Nilaa 🙂

Life is a boon when you have a child ..

Life is a bane when you have an unhealthy child ..

Eat healthy , live healthy  and  yield healthy 🙂

                                                                                             – Shyamala Sathiyaseelan

Special Thanks …

My first thanks to my Paediatrician Dr.Siva Bharathi of Kovai Kids Clinic for his reviews on some selective pages of my concern for this website.

My hearty thanks to my dear friends Preetha Govindasamy & Rajeswari Vigneswaran for their encouragement & continual support. They are my first spectators and the best critics!


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