Clean Food

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Clean Fruits & Veggies

Clean Food - Grow Organially Live HealthilyNature has gifted us delicious & healthy fruits & vegetables.. But, human intelligence has polluted them to make money! Insecticides/Pesticides , Fungicides and many more are sprinkled over the greenery.. Even after harvesting, anti-fouling agents are applied to keep them fresh & polishing! As healthy harvests come with a chemical outfit, we, consumers should be vigilant.

When selecting vegetables/fruits/pulses, do not hunt for shiny scar-free hybrids. Brinjal with worm is healthier as it has escaped from pesticide ! Just cut off the worm affected area and use the rest. When our attitude is changed, slowly & steadily, unhealthy shiny stuffs will be out of the market!

Still, to cope up with the present scenario, follow these simple steps to minimize the chemical effects in fruits , vegetables & greens(Keerai):

  • Before cutting, wash them and soak it in water mixed with rock salt,turmeric powder(optional for fruits) and few drops of lemon(acidity is mandatory, so don’t skip this) for 10-15 mins. Wash it again with plain water.

How to clean fruits and vegetables

The above cleaning method is not required when you grow organic plants in your garden/balcony/terrace/pathway sides/any small space in the front of your house. First just try with what is available at hand. Once you taste the freshness and feel the satisfaction, I am sure you will find many ways to grow 🙂

Try today with some fenugreek seeds(Vendhayam) available in your kitchen and in just 2-3 days, you will witness the sprouting bud ! Take any wide mouthed container/nursery bag/just a shopping plastic bag, fill 3/4th with any available soil. Water it and insert(not very deep) the seeds randomly. Thats it!

Growing organic greens at home

If space is an issue, atleast try to grow spinach and other greens(Keerai vagaigal) in small containers for babies. Varieties of seeds will be available in Agro food shops. Just Rs.10 pack of spinach(Palak) seeds will yield you spinach leaves for 6 months ! Sow the seeds and reap your healthy harvests HAPPILY :))))))

Food feeding tips:

Food Feeding Tips for Babies

  • Avoid growing nails and applying nail polishes, if you are preparing/feeding food for baby.
  • Wash your hands cleanly before preparing/feeding food for baby. Be sure you don’t see/feel foams/bubbles/viscosity in your hands after washing.
  • Sterilize the feeding utensils.
  • Before cutting, wash the vegetables/fruits as directed in the start of this page.
  • Once prepared, feed the food warm and fresh.
  • Use baby bibs while feeding, to get rid of messy clothes !
  • Do not encourage the habit of eating with water. A spoon of water followed by every spoon of food is a common practice seen among many moms, but that would not aid proper digestion. Baby food itself would not be so solid and so intermittent water would not be required, unless a cough or hiccup(Vikkal in tamil) demands it!
  • Give time for the baby to chew and swallow the food in the mouth before offering the next spoon. It is said that digestion starts from the mouth with the aid of teeth,tongue and saliva. So, do not rush the baby to eat fast as you are in a hurry!
  • Watching videos in mobile/tablet/TV while eating has become a trend but try to avoid it. Meal time can be a story time or a rhyme time – a good time to be spent together by mom and baby. Baby will sure enjoy your gestures and articulations of rhymes recited in motherese!


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