Do’s & Don’ts

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  • I was one of the new moms who suffered from inverted nipple problem which lead to sleepless nights after delivery. I never thought mine will be too small for the baby to latch on. Then I came to know that I should have avoided this by properly applying natural coconut oil & extracting the nipples out everyday when bathing during pregnancy.
    • If you feel your nipple is too short, then try using nipple puller(available in famous baby shops and on-line baby sites) daily.
  • If you are ill and needed any medication, do consult a doctor and before explaining your illness, tell that you are pregnant. Even any usual handy medicines might harm the embryo and so let the physician prescribe you pregnancy-safe medicines, if required.
  • Practice morning and evening walks of minimum half an hour to one hour each time. Try taking the path with more trees to inhale pure air and to rejuvenate your eyes and mind.
  • Do your Pregnancy exercises as directed by your Gynecologist/Physiotherapist. That will pave the way for normal delivery !
  • Daily afternoon nap is good for both. After all, your body demands more rest as it toils for two now 😉
  • From 4th month, wear glass bangles(>=2 per hand) that make clinking sound to entertain the sprouting bud whose hearing ability is just developing.
  • Listen to mild music or song that makes you feel relaxed.
  • Talk to your baby often and enjoy the kicky responses !
  • As the month progresses, drink more water to maintain ample fluid level.
  • Eat variety of foods. Check out the nutrition for pregnant ladies.
  • Also, check out the do’s and dont’s of Lactating moms as you need the awareness right now.


  • Avoid going to more crowded areas like Theaters as you might be vulnerable to spreadable infections.
  • Avoid eyebrows threading during pregnancy. Though there are mixed thoughts for and against this, it is up to you to decide!
  • Avoid stress. Corner the thoughts about delivery pain and enjoy the happiness of bearing a bud in you 🙂
  • Avoid running/hopping/fast-walking
  • Do not over-do and never miss your meal or sleep
  • Avoid crossing the arena of X-rays and CT-scanners. I avoided crossing the security check panels in Malls and Airports too, offering for pat-checks if required.
  • Be precautious to be out of common cold, as coughing rigorously with a bulged belly is not advisable. I caught cold in my 9th month of Pregnancy and tough cough caused slight damage to my back muscle just behind my left shoulder and an Orthopaedic Surgeon put the blame on coughing with bulky belly!
  • Avoid eating in hotels and say no to preserved foods. Check out the foods to be avoided by pregnant ladies.


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