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Happy and safe parenting

I am not an expert but a parent. I hope this role qualifies me to opine about parenting 🙂

This small space of my website will be a forum for parents to discuss with their peers about chiseling a child !

To err is human ! Let us discuss about our common mistakes, techniques tried, lessons learnt and save some time in reinventing the wheel…

Thought conflicts might emerge. Being civilized, let us share our thoughts courteously. Please do not whinge about others comments. Harsh arguments are not entertained here..

I have opined and opened some topics here(Click the below topics to read more) …

Do share me your views and votes..

  1. Bad Touch
  2. Thumb-Sucking
  3. Copycats
  4. Mom is not a Machine
  5. Grand Parents
  6. Early Spectacles
  7. Tips to keep kids engaged
  8. Caution: Tiny Little Fingers
  9. How to grow organic greens and vegetables at home ? – Involve kids



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