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The contents in this space are collectives from my personal learning & experience, other experienced moms and grannies, other blogs/health sites/books.

The information in this space is not tantamount to your physician’s advice. Some babies are allergic to specific foods. When something odd found after introducing a new food, report it to your Paediatrician and get the advice. If you are skeptical in starting a particular food to your kid, speak to your Paed. If your mind warns you a sign, get experts/doctors’ advice before daring to test on the lil one.

As I use/recommend edible and natural sources of food, I believe it would cause no harm unless you/your baby have any specific food allergies which are to be consulted with your Physician/Paediatrician.

I have tested and tasted all the recipes posted on this space on my own and have fed most of them to my baby with the recipes of her age … The nutritional information supplied in this site are from general studies about respective ingredients that I use in my recipes.

I would have suggested to refrain from certain foods with the concern of the amount of harmness it might cause and I don’t mean to ban any brand in specific. I always support offering natural and healthy foods to babies.

The parenting tips offered in this site are based on my own observation with the kids and I have opined my views and this might vary from person to person.

All photos used in the website are clicked in my camera for my website and copyrighted by Myhealthykiddo. One can backlink to my content referring my website but if any of the photo or content has to be used/reproduced in your website/magazine/newspaper, please do contact me. Illegal usage or replication of photo/content of this website will be prosecuted.


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